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Do you wake up with a headache in the morning or find that you are holding tension in your face and jaw? Teeth clenching and grinding are common issues for many patients, and these problems can eventually lead to tooth damage when left untreated.

The good news is that there is a simple solution to alleviate your symptoms and treat TMJ: by wearing a mouth guard for teeth grinding while you are sleeping.

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What is a Night Guard?

This customized night guard for teeth grinding is made of plastic, and it is custom-designed to fit over a portion of your teeth.

Usually, patients wear a night guard, or a bite splint, while sleeping to keep the molars apart and relax the jaw.

The most effective solution to achieve the relief that you desire is by talking to a dentist for a personalized mouth guard for sleeping, or a nocturnal bite plate. We use technology to scan your teeth, then the plastic guard is created in a laboratory so that it is perfectly molded to fit your teeth.

Other common names for a night guard include a bite splint, mouth guard, nocturnal bite plate, occlusal guard, or dental guard. To learn more about these available solutions in your area, please reach out to our team!

Why You Should Wear a Night Guard

Has your dentist recently recommended that you use a night mouth guard for temporomandibular joint disorders or TMJ treatment? There are several benefits you can expect when you wear a night guard while you are sleeping.

A night guard is one of the most common recommendations for patients with TMJ dysfunction. Wearing the dental guard while you are sleeping helps to alleviate common symptoms by helping the jaw muscles relax while you are asleep.

Additionally, many patients successfully alleviate chronic tension headaches with the use of night guards. Grinding or clenching the teeth while sleeping can result in ongoing tension throughout the forehead, temples, and the rest of the skull area.

Clear Aligner Dental Night Guard For Teeth

Finally, a teeth grinding guard can help you avoid more expensive dental treatments in the future. One common complication from teeth grinding is that it wears down the chewing surface of the teeth and can also cause the teeth to crack or chip – resulting in a need for restorative or cosmetic dentistry to fix these issues. A night guard prevents tooth damage.


Over-the-Counter vs. Custom Night Guards

You can find cheap mouthguards at the pharmacy, but these products don’t compare to the results that can be achieved with a personalized teeth guard. In some situations, these cheap, DIY products can actually cause more issues with the jaw and alignment.

Compare the cost of a dental night guard with restorative dentistry services, and you will see that it is a great investment to protect your teeth.

What are night guards and why are they necessary?

If you clench or grind your teeth while sleeping, then these issues can cause damage over time. The wear and tear can break or crack your teeth. A night guard is a protective device that helps you avoid this damage. It cushions the teeth so they don’t rub against each other. Many patients with TMJ find that using a night guard alleviates the pain and discomfort they feel in the jaw joint.

Are there different types of mouth guards?

If you need a mouth guard for grinding teeth, then it’s best to visit a dentist for a custom-designed device. Even though you can find over-the-counter options at local stores, they aren’t as effective as these professional designs. In fact, using a cheap alternative could potentially worsen your symptoms and cause complications. Custom-fit night guards maximize the effectiveness and protection for your teeth.

What are the symptoms that I need a teeth guard for sleeping?

When you wake up in the morning, do you have jaw pain or a headache? These could be signs that you are clenching or grinding your teeth while sleeping. Other common symptoms include tooth sensitivity, jaw tightness, facial pain, or disrupted sleep. Also, check the chewing surfaces of your teeth to see if they are flattened, worn down, or chipped.

What are the best cleaning recommendations if I wear a bite guard for sleeping?

Always clean your bite guard before putting it in and after taking it out of your mouth. Rinse it with lukewarm water and brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Don’t use abrasive toothpaste because it can damage the bite guard. Another option is to clean it by soaking in a denture cleaning solution. During the day, store the bite guard in a ventilated case to prevent damage. Avoid exposure to hot water or direct sunlight since the heat can cause the plastic material to warp.

How long does it take to get a night guard?

During the initial appointment, we will take a digital impression of your teeth so your custom bite guard can be created. This information is sent to a specialized lab, where the bite guard is designed. Then, you will come back to our office a week or two later to pick up your new bite guard.

Do You Need a Nightguard?

Are you waking up with jaw tension or headaches?
Or, maybe you notice that you are clenching your teeth while sleeping. If there are any symptoms of TMJ, then it’s a good idea to talk to our experienced team at Dens Dental Studio to learn more about a customized night guard.
Call to schedule a consultation at our nearby local office in Uptown, Chicago, IL. We can be reached at: 312-525-9988.


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