Dental Bridges in Uptown, Chicago, IL

While the hope is that you will maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible, the reality is that experiences happen that require tooth extraction. Whether you’ve had a dental complication or an accident that damaged multiple teeth, it might be necessary to look into options for dental restorations. Our team at Dens Dental Studio is near you and ready to assist with dental bridges in Uptown, Chicago, IL, as well as other treatments based on your unique needs.

We invite you to schedule a consultation to learn more about available services. We’ll help you decide if a tooth bridge is the right solution to restore your smile. Additionally, we are happy to share information about other types of restorations to help you achieve the beautiful, functional smile that you desire.

Dental Bridges in Uptown, Chicago, IL

Restoring Your Smile with a Tooth Bridge

The name of this dental treatment gives insight into how it works: a tooth bridge is a dental prosthetic that literally “bridges the gap” where you are missing one or more teeth. The bridge looks and feels like the natural teeth.

It is secured in place on either side, using a crown that fits over an existing healthy tooth. Or, if there isn’t a tooth available for the anchor, an alternative is to use one or two dental implants to hold the bridge in place. Our team at Dens Dental Studio will determine the ideal format to design and secure the bridge, helping your smile look as good as possible.

If you need a front teeth dental bridge, have confidence knowing that they are carefully designed to look normal and natural. Most people won’t know the difference between your real teeth and the dental restoration. A front teeth bridge is created to match the shape, size, and color of your other teeth.

While most of these restorations are designed as a permanent fixture in your mouth, there are also options for a temporary dental bridge or removable dental bridge. Often, these temporary solutions are used until the permanent restoration can be placed.

Tooth Bridge in Uptown, Chicago, IL

Benefits of Dental Bridges in Uptown, Chicago, IL

There’s no question that dental bridges can offer many benefits if you need tooth restoration. Here are some of the reasons why you will be happy with the results:

  • Full function while eating and talking
  • Confident smile and natural appearance
  • Optimize jaw alignment and bite positioning
  • Looks and feels like your natural teeth
  • Fills in the gaps to keep nearby teeth in the ideal position
  • Dental implants are beneficial to preserve jawbone density

1. Will my dental bridge look and feel normal?

In the beginning, there is an adjustment period while you are getting used to your new dental prosthetic. Within about two weeks, you will be adjusted and feel like your bridge is normal and natural.

2. Are dental implants required for bridge placement?

In many situations, we can secure the bridge using a crown on a nearby tooth. But if there aren’t any healthy teeth in this part of the mouth, then it might be necessary to place one or two dental implants to hold the bridge.

3. Are dental bridges permanent or temporary?

These dental restorations can be designed to be either temporary or permanent. A permanent bridge is durable and long-lasting, giving you 10 – 20 years (or more) before it needs to be replaced.

4. Are dental bridges right for me?

During your consultation, our team will perform a full examination to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. If you need implants, it’s necessary to make sure that you have enough jawbone to hold the implants.

Dental Bridges

Schedule a Consultation for a Fixed Dental Bridge

If you are considering dental bridges in Uptown, Chicago, IL, then we invite you to reach out at your convenience. Our team is nearby and ready to provide the information and customized treatments you need. Contact Dens DentalStudio to schedule an appointment with a dental restoration expert in your area. You can reach us at: 312-525-9988.


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